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full name alias age & dob occupation hometown residence education martial status Caden Wright Carter Hall / Hawkman 37 and 9.9.78 Sr. Project Manager @ Harvard Museum of Natural History Chicago, IL boston, MA some school stuff hasbrown nope
When asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, rather than answering 'a doctor!' or 'a lawyer!' like all of the other kids in his pre-school group, Caden Wright always answered with 'a prince!' But not just any kind of prince. Caden Wright was destined for the greatness of an Egyptian ruler, like King Tut, or even bigger like Ra or Bast.

Growing up with an archaeologist as a father, it's easy to fall in love with history. Caden found himself enamored by such things at an early age and wanted so badly to grow up to be just like Indiana Jones. He craved adventure, and while his mother served in the Air Force and was often away, Caden was able to tag along with his dad on any sort of studies or digs that he was on. From an early age, he was exposed to things as simple as leaf fossils, and as ancient as viking relics and Egyptian artifacts. He was the kind of kid who got stars in his eyes upon seeing dinosaur bones at the museum, or taking trips to the zoo and aquariam with his classmates.

As a kid, Caden was a little rebellious, less so as he got older, almost like going backwards in time. He was in trouble so much more when he was in elementary school, always pushing his friend off his bike and throwing food at the girl he had a crush on. His least favorite subject in life was school, unfortunately. While he may have gotten along with the kids in his neighborhood and had a lot in common with them, unfortunately the kids he went to school with were not so easily persuaded. They often made fun of him fo having such silly and childish obsessions. He almost always told his schoolmates that when he grew up, he would become Indiana Jones and kick their butts to show them a lesson.

Eventually, his personality bloomed and by seventh grade, Caden was getting picked on a lot less. He was still the nerdy kid who played video games in the afternoons and never grew out of his love for adventure and dinosaurs, but over time he grew less and less obsessed with his fantasies. It was by ninth grade that he really phased out the idea of becoming a world famous archaeologist and focused more on sports, getting dates and not pissing his family off by acting stupid when they were trying to get work done. He eventually became consumed by extra curricular activities at school and was your typical floater. He played soccer, he swam, and took French all four years of high school, as well as ran the gaming club which met every Thursday morning. By his senior year, the original plan was for Caden to double enroll in community college and still attend high school so he could get a kick start on his education and finish early, but during the summer leading into his last year of school, he decided to follow another path completely. Teaming up with Cross Cultural Solutions, he fundraised enough money to volunteer abroad in San Felipe, Guatemala.

Making the conscious decision to not go to college right after high school, Caden stuck around Chicago for another year and worked with the local schools to get kids more involved in volunteering abroad. He was able to visit Guatemala once more time a year later, this time in Tecpan. His first trip abroad changed his life and gave him the traveling bug he thought he'd never catch. His life was consumed by the idea of being able to go to other countries and help. For a long time, his goal was to join the Peace Corps, but without any school or trade under his belt, he knew he wouldn't be a lot of help. Another year went by and by the time Cadenwas nearing 20, he decided to go to finally attend school and get his career started.

Doubling in history and english, Caden put his focus on school and volunteered at the Field Museum of Natural History. Despite being entirely engrossed with his schooling, he found himself spending more and more time at the museum, sneaking around when no one was looking. A few times he was caught leading tours of children on field trips through the museum and although they had asked him to leave, Caden wasn't so willing to give up yet. Once his father vouched or him, he was able to sneak onto the payroll and find himself working a low-level job at the museum. Although he hated using his dads name and connections, he found that it was a useful way to get his foot in the door, and once he was in, he was able to schmooze his way to where he wanted to be.

During his time as a teachers aid, Caden continued to moonlight at the museum and stretched himself fairly thin, though it was entirely worth it. Not much longer after he graduated school and picked up a full time job at the museum and substituting at a high school in the next district over, his parents were killed in a plane crash, flipping his entire world upside down.

The tradegy of losing his family struck him hard, and the realization that he had absoltely no one else in this planet hit him like a freight train, but he did his best to keep his head up and trudge on through life. A few years and hundreds of job searches later, Caden found himself packing up for Boston and heading east to open a new chapter in his life in order for him to move on.

comic tie-ins
  • First name initial.
  • Love for Egyptian culture and history is a nod to Katar's original inception and Egyptian heritage.
  • Licensed pilot as a nod to Carter's ability to fly.
  • Worked as a curator.
  • Last name is the last name of one of Carter's many aliases.
  • Parents names are a nod to significant people from Carter's life.


    Originally Prince Khufu of ancient Egypt, the hero who would become known as Hawkman discovered an alien spacecraft from the planet Thanagar, powered by a mysterious anti-gravity element called Nth Metal. The unearthly energies of the metal transformed his soul, and he and his love Princess Chay-Ara were reincarnated over and over for centuries. Currently he is Carter Hall, archaeologist and adventurer.

    Prince Khufu lived during the reign of Ramesses II in the 19th dynasty of ancient Egypt. Khufu believed that his ka, or soul, would not journey on to the land of the afterlife. Rather, his soul and that of his betrothed, Chay-Ara, were fated to remain in the mortal world.

    Eventually, the soul of Prince Khufu was reborn as Carter Hall, an archaeologist active during the 1940s. After regaining the memories of his first and early life in Egypt, Hall used the hawk motif of the Egyptian God Horus to inspire his role as the original Hawkman. Hawkman 0010 Hawkman with his beloved Hawkgirl During the same period, his love Chay-Ara was reborn as archaeologist Shiera Sanders. After the two met, she became Hawkgirl, fighting at Carter's side. They became founding members of the Justice Society of America, and Hawkman took the role of chairman. The pair reduced their activities in the early 1950s but became fully active again decades later when first Carter and then Sheira joined the Justice League of America (while continuing to also work with the revived JSA). The two had a son, Hector Hall, who eventually became a founding member of Infinity Inc. as the Silver Scarab, and later adopted the identity of the Sandman before becoming an incarnation of Doctor Fate. Following the event known as the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Hawkman and the JSA became trapped in a battle in an ever-repeating Ragnarok. The Norse god Odin tried unsuccessfully to give a crystal sphere containing this repeating Ragnarok to Dream, lord of the Dreaming as a trade, knowing that Dream had by this time selected Carter's grandson, Daniel Hall, as his successor. Back on Earth meanwhile, others took up the mantles of Hawkman and Hawkwoman, first Thanagarian spy Fel Andar and his human wife, and then a more benevolent pair of Thanagarians.

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  • father mother Hector James Wright (deceased) Sheila Persephone Prince (deceased)
  • his father was a well known archaeologist and brought Caden with him everywhere when he was a child so he was able to experience history in a hands-on way. it's thanks to him that his love and appreciation for historical artifacts is what it is
  • when he was younger, he idolized both of his parents and has done his best, even after their death, to lead a life they would be proud of.
  • at the age of 27, Caden lost his mother and father when their small plane crashed after engine failure. this turned him off to flying for many years and even now he's reluctant to fly.
  • as illegal as it is, at the close of every museum exhibit, he swipes a small artifact that he thinks no one will miss and has his own collection of rarities in his home.